How To Make a Bourbon Fizz

This is our recommendation on how to make a bourbon fizz. For this cocktail we used one of our favourite bourbons and a great tasting berry jam. If you don’t have mixed berry jam, get creative and substitute it for a jam you have around!

Bourbon Silver Fizz


60ml of good bourbon
2 bar spoons mix berry jam
20ml egg whites
15ml ginger and lemon grass cordial
25ml lemon juice
75ml soda water


Pour all ingredients except for soda into your mixing glass and dry shake to activate the egg white. Then shake for a second time with ice to chill, double strain with an hawthorn strainer and a fine strainer into highball glass over chilled soda water. Garnish with a lemon zest and your favourite berries, then kickback and enjoy your marvellous creation.

The history behind the Bourbon Fizz Cocktail

The first printed reference to “fiz” is in the 1887 edition of Jerry Thomas’ Bartender guide. Thanks to Henry C. Ramos the gin fizz became a popular drink in New Orleans after he popularised the drink at his bar The Stag from 1907 onwards, popularity of the drink began to grow and around 1950 the fizz grew popular internationally. Although the Ramos Fizz is a gin based cocktail there have been many variations of the drink over time, some of the simple variations are as follows:

  • Silver fizz — bourbon fizz egg white, addition of egg white
  • Golden fizz — addition of egg yolk
  • Royal fizz — addition of whole egg
  • Diamond fizz — sparkling wine instead of carbonated water, commonly known as a “French 75”.
  • Green fizz — addition of a dash of green crème de menthe

Not ready to make your own yet? Get in touch I’m sure our amazing mixologists will be able to help you out no matter what your need!