Bartender Hire

bartender hireBartender Hire – Are you struggling to find an experienced, customer friendly professional bartender or bar staff for events and functions?

Let SIP EXCLUSIVE help you with sourcing your BAR MEN and BAR TENDERING STAFF. where you are given peace of mind when it comes to:

  1. Displaying the utmost professional integrity
  2. Creating a fun and experiential environment that is not only about how the cocktail or beverage tastes but also showcasing the effort that goes into creating a memorable taste.
  3. A trustworthy team that ensures a well managed bar for profitable success.
  4. Top notch bar tendering experienced bartenders who don’t just know how to throw bottles in the air or mix the best cocktails but also know how to connect with customers encouraging them to order more!
  5. Affording you a database of highly skilled, top notched and certified staff across various ages and racial groups depending on what your requirements are whether male or female.

SIP EXCLUSIVE is proud of the accolades and commendations we have achieved when it comes to bartender training and making use of some of the best bartenders in South Africa.

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