Bar Consultancy

Bar ConsultancyBar consultancy – Bar owners, restaurateurs, conference centres and wedding venues, let us help you maximise profitability at every possible point.

We understand that skills and time are scarce commodities and monetising your vision while your vision while keeping up with day-to-day running of a business isn’t easy. That’s where we come in as industry professionals to help you raise the bar and set your establishment apart from your competitors, while making sure it’s profitable.

We’ll audit your current practices and make recommendations while also offering professional support to businesses that may not be operating optimally. Some of our offerings include stock administration solutions, staff training on everything from their approach to drink preparation, the creation of bespoke menus and procurement… and that’s only the beginning.

We are committed to making sure that your business shows both immediate and long-term returns based on our services.

Special offer: Quick Fix program – R7 500 (available in Western Cape Only)

We will spend a total of 25 hours in your bar with your staff to identify immediate problems. We will recommend and implement low- or no-cost solutions that will help your venue succeed in the short term.

What you get:

  • Staff training and monitoring on customer service strategy, service techniques, up selling, bar basics, guest relations, standard operational procedures and implementation of your existing menu.
  • Bar setup and ergonomic to ensure speed and efficiency.
  • A detailed evaluation and report based on our findings with recommendations going forward.

Bar Consultancy Programs

Beverage program and Concept design – from R16 500

Your cocktail menu and beverage list is an important touch point in your establishment and often the first impression for your guests. We recommend a beverage program and source the right products and brands that will work with your concept in terms of style, decor and food menu. We also streamline your inventory to get rid of those dusty old bottles that don’t sell and which ultimately cost you money.

This program is suitable for new venues or simply for owners who want a fresh perspective on their existing beverage program.


  • A streamlined, theme-related stock list.
  • State of the art cocktail menu that suits your concept
  • Cocktail recipe cards and check list
  • Cocktail equipment and glassware sourcing and recommendation
  • Bar setup and display
  • Menu design and print
  • Staff training on cocktail menu and stock list


  • Beverages aligned with concept and theme
  • A cocktail menu that will set you apart from competitors, attract customers and keep them coming back.
  • Less stock sitting on the back bar gaining dust and costing you money.
  • A cocktail menu that your staff can execute with confidence and consistency every time.
  • A stream lined beverage program that your staff can sell with enthusiasm.
  • Higher bar turnover and profit.

In house Staff Training and Development – R30 500

In our opinion it is not only the drinks, decor, food or prices that bring guests back time and time again. We believe that they come back for a remarkable experience, excellent customer service and the people you employ. Your staff and the service they provide is what makes your venue tick and that is why staff training and development is vital, Social media can be your best marketing asset or your worst enemy. Your food and drinks can be exceptional but service or experience reviews can make or break your establishment.


  • Complete evaluation and report on your staff’s performance.
  • An easy and unique service strategy.
  • A 1-pager on standard operational procedure.
  • Training manuals for each of your staff including
    • Bar basics
    • Liquor cabinet
    • Introduction to cocktails
  • Training and evaluation programs for your management team to implement.
  • A mentor to work in your bar with your staff for a week post training.

The Outcome:

  • More drinks per hour in peak hours which means up to 15% more revenue per hour
  • High quality drinks made with correct ingredients and serving sizes
  • More profits
  • Happier customers due to more professional, efficient, quick bar staff
  • Happier customers due to more professional bar staff
  • A simple way to evaluate bar staff and rank them among their team mates
  • A way for your management team to put the right staff in the right shifts

Concept and Bar Design with Pre-launch and Opening Night Support – R45 000

This program is ideal for new venues opening or venues looking to revamp as it is a combination of the two programs above with the addition of bar layout and concept design as well as launch and opening  night assistance.


  • Bar Design and Layout
  • Meeting with designers to review the layout, workability and ergonomics of your bar
  • Beverage program and menu design and implementation
  • Detailed and concept-specific staff training and development
  • Glassware and equipment sourcing and usage
  • Pre-launch and set-up assistance
  • Opening and front of house management assistance
  • 4 x mentoring shifts behind your bar with your team
  • Market research on potential competitors in the area, local and regional culture and ingredients as well as potential pitfalls to look out for
  • Staff sourcing and assistance in  the interview process

Brand Activation – cost dependent on requirements

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience on all local and international brands and alcohol categories.  We strive to keep ourselves abreast with modern trends and news and development in the liquor industry. We often consult with brands to develop cocktails, perfect serves, brand-related training and incentive packages as well as placement and implementation.


  • Assistance with the development and writing of brand plans in terms of placement.
  • Development of brand and direction specific signature cocktails.
  • Venue training and brand implementation.
  • Brand activations and promotions.
  • Incentive-based and value-adding training programs for venues (new and existing)
  • Training for sales reps to better understand the bartending industry and to equip them with knowledge on specific categories and signature cocktails
  • Concept development and drink styling for photo shoots.

A few of our valued Brand Clients.

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chocolate stout coffee

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